Hello.. My name is Jason, a Software Developer primarily, however, I have a passion for photography. I’m based in Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire, Britain’s brewing capital and as a result, home to some of the world's finest beers, I’m most definitely partial to the odd pint!
I became interested in photography around 2009 but it’s really the few years or so when my passion has thrived. I love nothing more than being behind the camera and producing great images, you really can’t beat the feeling of getting THE shot!
I’m definitely a self-confessed geek, although I think that’s a prerequisite to being a Software Developer. Outside of photography, I’m a massive outdoor enthusiast. I enjoy climbing, walking, and wild camping amongst other things.. Just being in the great outdoors is fantastic! I also enjoy good coffee, fine ales and whisky. I tend to inflict my rambling about photography, outdoorsy stuff and geekery on Katie, my fiancée who listens but I don’t think she understands a thing I say!
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